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Oregon Concealed Home
….the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.
Freedom First Firearms Academy provides some of the best handgun training in the States of Oregon and Utah. We offer NRA courses in Basic Handgun training and Concealed Handgun safety and carry.
To obtain a Concealed Handgun License, (CHL) Oregon requires that you take a class taught by a certified NRA Instructor that contains an element of handgun safety. ORS 166.291
We cannot stress enough the importance of learning, practicing, and professing safe and useful handgun skills if you intend to obtain a CHL.
With Freedom First Firearms Academy, you will receive more than a certificate. You will obtain the knowledge and confidence to carry a handgun. We train you in gun safety as well as how to select a handgun and ammunition that fits you and your needs. 
We also cover the State Laws for the use of force, storage of your weapon, child safety, shooting proficiency and license requirements.
In Oregon, once you complete a CHL course, you will submit your application and course completion certificate in person to your county Sheriff's office. For a Utah CWP, you will mail all required paperwork to the Utah Bureau of Criminal Identification. (BCI)
The license for Oregon must be re-certified every 4 years.
In the State of Utah you must re-certify every 5 years

Freedom First Firearms Academy